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Safe for All Skin and Hair Types

Truly Permanent

Electrolysis is the Only Means of Truly Permanent Hair Removal. 

FDA Approved

FDA Approved and Effective for Permanent Hair Removal on All Skin Types and Hair Types. 

What Is Electrolysis?

How does electrolysis for hair removal work?

Electrolysis is the technique and science of permanent hair removal. A small amount of electricity or a solution of sodium hydroxide is introduced to the base of the hair follicle (hair papilla) in order to destroy the root of the hair.

Three methods of electrolysis for permanent hair removal:

1. Thermolysis applies alternating current to the probe at the base of the hair in order to create heat and destroy the hair follicle. This is the most commonly used method because it is very fast and effective.

2. Blend uses a combination of heat and current to speed up the galvanic chemical reaction to destroy the hair follicle. This method is slightly slower than thermolysis but is very effective and often used to treat difficult areas.

3. Galvanic was the first form of electrolysis and is not often performed currently. It uses direct current to cause a chemical reaction within the body in order to destroy the hair follicle. Galvanic has fallen out of favor because it takes a significantly longer time to work.

How is electrolysis performed?

A very fine probe is inserted into the natural opening in the skin (hair follicle) without piercing the skin. Once the probe is inserted, sodium hydroxide or electricity are delivered to the hair papilla in order to cut off blood supply to the hair follicle and permanently stop hair growth.

This 3D animation shows how a very fine electrolysis filament is inserted into the natural opening of the hair follicle alongside the hair shaft. A quick computer-controlled current is then applied to destroy the hair growth cells allowing the electrologist to slide out the hair without any resistance.

About The Electrologist

Misty Stalley Boyle, Ca State Licensed Electrologist

Misty Stalley Boyle, L.E., Licensed California State Electrologist, practices electrolysis in Menlo Park and graduated from the Monterey Bay Institute of Electrology. She is a second generation electrologist with a passion for helping people. Misty has served on the board of directors for the Electrologists’ Association of California and is a member of the American Electrolysis Association.

She has experience working with all sexes and all ages. Misty is proficient in all three modalities: low level thermolysis, galvanic, and the blend. She will consult with the client to decide which modality of electrolysis hair removal that will best suit their needs. 

Misty personally understands the discomfort of having unwanted hair. She suffers from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a hormone disease, which can cause excess hair growth. After personally seeing the results of electrolysis, she developed a passion for the field and a desire to help others rid themselves of their unwanted hair - once and for all.

Misty is married to the love of her life and is the proud mother of two handsome boys. She is a Bay Area native and attended Menlo College. She competed on the Menlo Women’s Wrestling team, where she qualiflied for the 2004 Olympic Trials and was also a 2 time High School State Champion. She has brought this drive and commitment into her career; utilizing the sports mentality of teamwork, respect, honesty and that hard work yields results. She is proud to offer quality permanent hair removal in her beautiful state-of-the-art practice in Menlo Park. 

“You and I are a team working together on your treatment plan. I promise to do everything in my power to permanently rid you of your hair issues while not compromising your skin or safety.”


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome & Hormone Changes

Hormonal changes and conditions account for many problems besides unwanted hair. The cause can be related to puberty, menopause, pregnancy, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), an underlying medical condition, your genetic makeup and even some medications. You may want to see an endocrinologist to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. For the hair, the solution is electrolysis.

We personally know the daily struggle with these issues and the emotional toll it can take on your life. Let us help you solve this stubborn hair issue permanently. 

Tattoo Hair Removal

The galvanic method is safe on tattoos as it uses no heat. Tattoo hair removal can clear unwanted hair to reveal your beautiful body art. 


Let us help you reveal your true self. We are happy to use whichever pronoun you prefer and we would be honored to be apart of your transition. We have experience removing facial and body hair. 

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